Sherry Murff

Sherry has been doing hair for more than 32 years with a constant desire for and pursuit of growth in her career. She began her journey in Amarillo at Regis and from there became a self-employed booth renter. Sherry has since made her way into the world of salon ownership. She has a passion for connecting with every client and making each one feel beautiful.

After taking a short sabbatical, Sherry came back to work behind the chair - a place that truly brings her joy - in 2012. Since her return, she has actively pursued education with some of the best in the industry. She has taken many classes with Wella, Sebastian, Sally Rogerson, and R&Co. She became certified in men’s cutting techniques with Tom Prioli, color and styling with Wella, and more. Education is just part of what keeps her inspired and at the top of her game.

Sherry has a passion for this industry, but above all else, she has a heart for people. She has long cared for each client that sits in her chair. In addition to her continued passion for her clients, the opening of Preston Alexander, has created opportunity to expand her care to each stylist that works with her as well as each person that walks through the doors. This is all just a small glimpse into the motivation that drives her heart and passion.


Jenni Rae

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Celia Davis

Celia began her career as a hairdresser in 2011 when she enrolled in cosmetology school at Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy in Amarillo, Texas. After school she immediately started working in a salon where she quickly realized how beneficial and inspiring it was to continually be learning. Lessons are taught in many forms and Celia tries hard to learn from them all. She has learned from her coworkers, her clients, continued education, and has especially learned from her mistakes. While each of these lessons have been important, she is intentional about pursuing continued education.  In her 5 years in this career, Celia has taken many classes with Wella educators including some of their top artists. She has also been trained in Sally Rogerson cutting, R&Co styling, and has even begun helping educate at Preston Alexander Salon.

As a hairdresser, Celia is passionate about becoming a better stylist and businesswoman, but she also has a heart for making those around her better, too. Sharing life, knowledge, shortcomings, and joy with clients and coworkers alike is how Celia finds true satisfaction in her job.












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